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CD I : Selection of works

  1. The Upgrade – for musicians with phones… in an imaginary waiting room from a not-too distant future (2017)
  2. Vessels (160935km) – for amplified low/metal strings, video and smartphone (2020)
  3. Unity.projections [001=>2] – for accrodion and cello (2020)
  4. pneumothorax (ˌnjuːməʊˈθɔːræks) – for soprano saxophone and piano (2020)
  5. A/C Modulations – for piano (2018)
  6. \ – ever-changing piece for a group of musicians with phone apps (since 2018)

CD II : Compositions created and performed in collaboration with workshop participants

  1. Music: the art of readymade(s) – for numerous objects and instruments (2022)
  2. One Hit Wonder – for second-hand strings and ladders (2022)
  3. Menuet4phoneS – interactive performance for audience with smartphones (2019) created by 4/Phones Collective consisting of Maja Bosnić (1985, Serbia), Juan Olaya (1984, Colombia), Justyna Stasiowska (1987, Poland), Hasan Mashni (1986, Palestine), Tomy Herseta (1992, Indonesia), and Arsenije Savic (1992, Serbia).
This double CD edition contains a selection of recordings made during two concerts held in Novi Sad, at the Cultural Center of Vojvodina "Miloš Crnjanski", and at the Youth Center CK13, as the result of the artistic residency of the composer Maja Bosnić (21.11 - 4.12.2022). The first audio disc presents us with compositions from the portrait concert with Bosnić’s works, written for classical instruments and ensemble formations, infused with conceptual content adapted from everyday life phenomena, that are being expressed through compositions for solo and duo performances, music theater for chamber orchestra and audience participation through playing on their smartphones.  On the other hand, the recordings on the second audio disc capture a concert presentation of the "Music – the Art of Readymade(s)" workshop, where the participants (from the alternative music scene, as well as those without any playing experience) had the opportunity to develop and deepen their creative intuition through improvisational exercises with objects, as well as imitations of everyday sounds with music instruments. The inclusiveness and accessibility of the musical content are important determinants of the compositions and contribute to the artistic, educational, and political intention of the project to critically question the exclusivity of serious music and hierarchies in music production, by erasing the border between composer, performer, and audience.

Recorded on 21.11.2022. at the Cultural center of Vojvodina “Miloš Crnjanski”, Novi Sad and 4.12.2022. CK13, Novi Sad.

Technical support, recording, mixing and mastering: Dimitrije Jakovljević
Coordination: Ozren Lazić
Photography: Anica Ilijin
Design: Borislav Prodanović
Production: Youth Center CK13

Thanks to Dragan Ilić, Svetozar Nešić and Cultural Center of Vojvodina for hospitality; thanks to The Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) for the Žic-E ladders/instruments.

CD I – performers:
Chamber Ensemble Zabuna
Jelena Vujnović – flute
Milan Savić – soprano saxophone
Jovan Savić – trumpet
Branko Džinović – accordion
Maja Bosnić – piano, voice
Tamara Marinković Tomić – viola
Aleksandar latković – cello
Boban Stošić – double bass

CD II – performers, workshop participants of “Music – The Art of Readymade(s)”:
Teodora Vlku – keyboard
Zoja Maričić – kalimba, crotales, bells, keys, etc.
Geza Vereckei – drum set
Nikola Ilić – electric bass guitar
Bojan Ožegović – kitchenwear, spray, sponge, etc.
Stribor Bihorac – electric cello, sweater sleeves
Iva Niculović – DIY electric board
Pavle Kuntić – electric guitar, glass ashtray
Maja Bosnić – smartphone, ladder, radiator, hammer, pen, etc.

Musical leadership: Maja Bosnić

Supported by: Heartefact, Gradska uprava za kulturu Grada Novog Sada, Ministarstvo kulture i informisanja Srbije.