Zabuna on Stage is an interactive stage installation in which audience performs. Concept is based on the idea of a photo booth converted into a concert performance. Members of the audience are invited to perform next to ensemble and later order a DVD of the concert with themselves performing on stage and their name in the booklet.

Zabuna on Stage was first premiered in Studentski kulturni centar where it remained on programme for couple of months,  then opened Aprilski susreti festival in Belgrade, opened Sites + Subjects Performance Art Festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston upon Thames, Great Britain.

Zabuna on Stage.01/Bring Your Noise! for audience, pile of noise-makers, video, soundtrack and ensemble is a 20 minute audio story of a typical day in the city (Belgrade) documented with a video and audio recording and amplified with live performance of the ensemble and members of the audience.

Zabuna on Stage.02/Whatever You Say! for murmur of the audience, flute, clarinet and a guide is a 20-30 minute piece based on small talks around us in which audience takes part in the performance and follows a guide for a cue to create murmur, laughter, shoosh or be silent.

Zabuna on Stage.03/Phones On. is a concert showcase of new music works and sound installations that can or do include phones in the performance. In the concert, phones are used to produce sounds, display scores, send and receive instructions, light up faces, take photos, play YouTube and use various music apps. Audience will have an opportunity to have their input in some of performances by using their own phones.

All Zabuna on Stage projects are produced by Zabuna Associtation from Belgrade, Serbia.