\com.musapp.data ever-changing piece for two groups of musicians with phone apps (first version premiered on 19th November, in Timisoara, Romania) [Watch video on YouTube]

Lebdeće čestice PM10 ili PM2,5 for narator, violin and vibraphone (premiered in November in Pančevo, Serbia)

Transplant>Organ for solo organ (premiere on 22, October in Belgrade)

AC Modulations for piano (premiere on 24, March @ UK Parobrod in Belgrade) [Listen on Soundcloud]  [Watch video on YouTube]


Cavitation for Belgrade Baroque ensemble (two baroque violins, baroque viola, viola da gamba and harpsichord) (8′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Upgrade for voice, chamber orchestra and audience with smartphones (10′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Parietal Lobe Upgrade for female voice, clarinet in B flat, tenor saxophone and vibraphone (2′)


Shhhumigrad Live – guided group improvisation on five corners of a town with objects found on spot (15′) [See project website]


Zabuna on Stage.02/Whatever You Say! for murmur of the audience, flute, clarinet in B flat and a guide (30′) [See YouTube trailer]


Zabuna on Stage.01/Bring Your Noise! for soundtrack, video, amplified ensemble [fl, cl in Bb, el. git, pno, el. vla & cb) , noisemakers and audience (22′) [See a short rehearsal on YouTube]


Bondres for mixed choir and orchestra (12′)

Ti Mathena To Su Pericha To Ocos for piano and orchestra (7′)

Ponovo Pff… for contrabass (28′) [Listen on Soundcloud]


after d for two sopranos, flute and organ (3′)

Re_search electroacoustic music for contemporary dance performance (15′)

Chanc6 electroacoustic music for contemporary dance performance (6′) [Listen on Soundcloud]


Canoes Can Be Treacherous for string quartet (7′)

Hah Boo for any performers (any duration)


Optimizam for male voice and ensemble (5′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Upornost for mixed choir (3′) [Listen on Soundcloud]


6 Chworugitsa for flute, viola and harp (11′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Slušaj for female voice and piano (5′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Sfairos for piano (12′) [Listen on Soundcloud]