C:\GAME> start MS-DOS fairy tale for solo accordion (commissioned and premiered by Branko Džinović in EUFONIJA 4th International Festival of Accordion and Chamber Music, Svilara Kulturna Stanica in Novi Sad) (‘9)

Patchwork for solo double bass (premiered by Vukašin Mihajlović at UK Stari Grad in Belgrade) (7′)

Menuet4phoneS interactive performance for audience with smartphones composed in collaboration with Justyna Stasiowska, Juan Olaya, Hasan Mashni and Tomy Herseta (premiered at the CTM 2019: Adaptation Hacklab Finale at HAU2 in Berlin) (’10)


\com.app.data ever-changing piece for two groups of musicians with phone apps (first version premiered on 19th November, in Timisoara, Romania) [Watch video on YouTube] (‘8-’17)

Lebdeće čestice PM10 ili PM2,5 for narator, violin and vibraphone (premiered in November in Pančevo, Serbia) (’17)

Transplant>Organ for solo organ (premiered on 22, October in Belgrade)

Music for the theater play The House of Bernarda Albe directed by Ana Grigorović  (premiered on 5, April 2018 and still on the repertoie of the National Theater in Belgrade)

AC Modulations for piano (premiered on 24, March @ UK Parobrod in Belgrade) [Listen on Soundcloud] [Video] [Score Follower video] (’11)


Cavitation for Belgrade Baroque ensemble (two baroque violins, baroque viola, viola da gamba and harpsichord) (8′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Upgrade for voice, chamber orchestra and audience with smartphones (10′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Parietal Lobe Upgrade for female voice, clarinet in B flat, tenor saxophone and vibraphone (2′)


Shhhumigrad Live – guided group improvisation on five corners of a town with objects found on spot (15′) [See project website]


Zabuna on Stage.02/Whatever You Say! for murmur of the audience, flute, clarinet in B flat and a guide (30′) [See YouTube trailer]


Zabuna on Stage.01/Bring Your Noise! for soundtrack, video, amplified ensemble [fl, cl in Bb, el. git, pno, el. vla & cb) , noisemakers and audience (22′) [See a short rehearsal on YouTube]


Bondres for mixed choir and orchestra (12′)

Ti Mathena To Su Pericha To Ocos for piano and orchestra (7′)

Ponovo Pff… for contrabass (28′) [Listen on Soundcloud]


after d for two sopranos, flute and organ (3′)

Re_search electroacoustic music for contemporary dance performance (15′)

Chanc6 electroacoustic music for contemporary dance performance (6′) [Listen on Soundcloud]


Canoes Can Be Treacherous for string quartet (7′)

Hah Boo for any performers (any duration)


Optimizam for male voice and ensemble (5′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Upornost for mixed choir (3′) [Listen on Soundcloud]


6 Chworugitsa for flute, viola and harp (11′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Slušaj for female voice and piano (5′) [Listen on Soundcloud]

Sfairos for piano (12′) [Listen on Soundcloud]